Ibiza Yoga Retreat

Ibiza Yoga Retreat.

ibiza yoga retreatOur Ibiza Yoga Retreat offers adventurers a sober  as well as a yoga & meditation sailing holiday (vacation) experience. It is common knowledge that Yoga & Meditation offers many physical & mental benefits to people who participate in it. As a result Yoga is increasing in popularity and you will find Yoga classes in every Town an City across the globe.

So why consider coming to one of our Ibiza Yoga Retreats? Well the answer is pretty simple  really. Our retreats are totally sober based.  Therefore whatever your reason you may have for visiting us you have one thing in common with all our guests. You want to spend quality time surrounded by sober and like minded people like you.

I know from my own personal experience that having to live in an alcohol free world is a truly life changing experience and every social event I attend is hard. This is exemplified in so much as I now avoid every social occasion I can and I don’t stay long when I have to attend. The same applies to many people who simply choose not to drink, being the odd one out in a social situation can be often frustrating, if that is the right word to use.

Let me ask you this if you now live a life of abstinence. Have you ever been in a room full of people and you are the only person not drinking an alcoholic drink? How does it make you feel, of course for those choose not to drink, then it maybe far easier for you – as you actually have a choice!

Whether sober or not, the fact remains that as a general rule, as the evening wears on the atmosphere can change and so can the people around you. That is why our retreats are not only different but unique. At our retreats the equilibrium always remain the same!

Ibiza Yoga Retreat & Ocean Therapy.

Furthermore, our Yoga Retreats in Ibiza are based around running water and in particular the ocean. We call this Ocean Therapy, whereby we harness the power of the ocean. This power has scientifically proven to have a positive impact upon the way the we feel.

Researchers at Columbia University have found that one of the major producers of negative ions is splashing water and the oceans have plenty of that. Our retreats therefore have there very own very own negative ion generator – which is the bow on our boat.

Research has found that the ocean typically has 2000 negative ions and 1000 positive. The energy generated by the splashing water causes splitting of neutral particles of air, which frees electrons that attach to other air molecules causing a negative charge.

Interestingly, the normal ion count for fresh air in the country is 2,000-4,000 negative ions per cubic centimetre. Whereby at a large water fall one may find over 100,000 negative ions. On the other hand, polluted air such as in our large cities may have as few as 100 ions or even less in some cases.

These negative ions are tasteless, odourless and invisible and studies have indeed shown that they can affect how we feel. On the other hand positive ions are really the bad guys (which may sound strange). They cause you to feel drowsy, unmotivated, and often left feeling depressed.

According to ion researchers at the University negative ions reverse these feelings. They produce a biochemical reaction in the body that increases the levels of a person’s mood chemical called – Serotonin. This chemical has long been associated with inducing a reduction in depression, regulating anxiety and making a person feel much happier. Never mind the clinical trials. How much better do you feel when sailing on a boat, when its breezy, the sun is bright and the spray is flying.

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